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The fjords

sørfjorden, rent a kayak and explore this great fjord and glacier
Its your starting point in Lofthus. A nasjonal romantic fjord with the glacier Folgefonna and the snowy mountain reflected in the fjord. Fruitblossom in mai/june. Signs of spring is when the avalanche comes down the mountain and into the fjord.  More info:
visit Osafjorden with kayak
Chosen as the best destination of National Geographic in 2005. Try to stay in the Hardangerbasecamps Mongolian Jurt like the nomads in the Siberian living in.  They also have teambilding.
The neighborfjord to Osafjorden.  
More info:
visit Fyksefjorden with kayak
With its mighty mountain you paddle into Botnen. From there you can walk a marked T-trail to the DNT cabin Kiellandbu. A space with stunning view over the fjord and folgefonna. Or sleep in a tent in Botnen. A very quit place. No car road to Botnen, only the sea road.More info:
visit Eidfjord with kayak, Hardangerfjord kayak rental
When you paddle in to Eidfjord you will definitely see cruiseboats, the Hardanger Bridge and seals. My best tips is to paddle to Simadalen and walk up to the the most inaccessible farm Kjeåsen. More info:
visit Utne and Herand with kayak

Utne-Herand in Hardangerfjorden

Nice to stay at Utne Hotel from 1722. Visit Utne museum. 5 km from Utne direction Herand you have Lothe camping with a nice beach. 10 minutes walk south its Norways biggest Oak tree with its 10,80m around the tree. stop and take a look at the carvings in the mountain at Mariskarvet. More info: and

visit Granvin with kayak


A nice startingpoint for hiking to Ingebjørgfjellet, Oksen and Rundtjørn. Granvin only have 911 inhabitants. For more info:

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