Paddle routes

Lutro in Lofthus is your starting point. Suggestion for paddle routes marked with blue dots. Yellow stars are startingpoints to great hikes like Oksen, Husedalen and Kjeåsen, Isberg and Hanakamb. The name with a square is places with toilet and possibility for camping/hotel and every place except Ringøy,Stana, and Osafjorden has shops. We will recommend you to walk Trolltunga before or after your paddling tour. Use your car to the startingpoint of this hike. To drink water from the streams is normally ok.

Lofthus-Ringøy/Hardanger Bridge-Eidfjord-Walk to Kjeåsen

Kjeåsen, the worlds most inaccessible farm

Lofthus-utne (visit Utne Museum)-Lothe-Herand

Jeg er et avsnitt. Klikk her for å legge til din egen tekst og redigere meg. Det er lett altså.

Utne museum. With outdoor art

Herand. Carvings in Mariskarvet

Lofthus-Ringøy-Hardangerbridge-Djønno- walk to Oksen-Lofthus

View from Oksen

Lofthus-Ringøy/Hardanger Bridge-Osafjorden

Stay in a Mongolian Jurt in Osa

Lofthus-Hovland-Walk to Isberg(Stana)-Lofthus

Paddle to Stana and walk up to Isberg.The last executioner stayed at this roadless farm.

Stana Gard rent out cottages via

Lofthus-Aga museum-Vikebygd(Visit the fruitfarm Bleie, they sell local cider.


Alde sider. Local cider producer. We remind you of not paddle and drink at the same time.


Lofthus-Lutro (where we are)3km

Lofthus-Kinsarvik 6,1 km

Kinsarvik-Ringøy camping 8,3 km

Ringøy- Hardangerbridge 4,6 km

Hardangerbridge-Eidfjord 13 km

Total lenght Lofthus-Eidfjord is 32km 


Eidfjord-Simadalen 5 km

Simadalen-Ulvik (northside) 22,2km

Ringøy-Ulvik 18,5 km

Ringøy-Osa 22,2 km

Ulvik-Osa 14 km

Lofthus-Djønno 14km

Lofthus-Tjoflot 11km

Lofthus-Hovland 12km

Hovland-Stana 12km

Hovland-Odda 18,5 km


Lofthus-Vikebygd 17km

Lofthus-Agatunet 9km

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