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# Always wear a helmet

We dont have an insurance for you or the bicycle when cycling. You need a private insurance. Deliver the bicycle and equipment in same condition and to the same place as you rent it.

You must show ID when you rent the bicycle.

The rent out is between 10-12.00 o clock or by appointment.  

You must be

¤ 18 years or accompanied with parents.

¤ Hire charge must be paid in advance 

¤ Renter must not be affected by drugs or alcohol

¤ The use and equipment occurs on the lessee's responsibility

¤ to rent further equipment is not allowed

¤ you are responsible for damages or losses arising during the rental period and must be replaced at the request of the landlord

¤ you must be able to bicycle

¤ If you are delayed you are obligated to inform us on 0047 92016887. And you can be extra charged. Depending on the delay.

¤ if you behave in an unsuitable manner (not respecting public law,or commit a crime or violation of rules at the road, we have the right to take back all rented equipment without refund.


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