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We are located in Graaten in Lofthus Hardanger. Gps position is 60 degrees 21minutes North. 6 degrees 39 minutes East. When you see a black bike with a mailbox on and a Lofthus camping-sign on RV 13 you turn down to the sea.

This view is from Oksen.360 * view over all the fjords in Hardanger. Paddle to Djønno, Tjoflot or Granvin and hike this great mountain.

I am a 32 year old girl, living in the beautiful Hardanger. I love to be active when I`m at holiday and explore the great nature. Therefor we started a kayak and bicycle rental autumn in 2016. Hardangerfjord Active.

I want your tour to be perfect, and I will assist you to plan your trip on e-mail. 

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