Hardangerfjord Folgefonna Glacier kayak rental close to Trolltunga

In   Hardanger

Combine it with great nature & view the GLACIER from the kayak and bicycle. We help you plan your trip. Tell us how many days you want to paddle , bicycle or row. 

Rowingboat rental

Max 5 persons

Lifejackets included

650  NOK pr day

SUP board, 3 hours 350NOK, 1 day 600 NOK

Bicycle in Norways fruitgarden.  Stop at the local  ciderproducers.

Try the Oksen panorama kayaktrip. Paddle & hike.


The Hardangerfjord is the second longest fjord in Norway and the third longest in the world. With its 6 fjord-arms. Fyksefjord, Granvinfjord, Ulvikfjord, Osafjord, Eidfjord and the beautiful Sørfjorden. With its  great mountain and glacier you can easily combine paddling with hiking. When you paddle porpoises(small dolphins) can appear. The  Glacier Folgefonna and snowy mountain  is reflected in  the fjord. The fruit trees is in blossom in Mai/June.  Paddle under the Hardanger Bridge, Norway`s longest  suspension bridge 1380m. 30 m longer than The Golde Gate in San Fransisco. Cruise ships most likely follow you into Eidfjord, and maybe you see a seal swimming beside your kayak. 


E-mail: hardangerfjordkayak@hotmail.com

Tell me what kayak/bicycle and extra gear you need and what paddling experiense you have. Name,Adress,Country, When you want to hire the kayak/bicycle. From date-til date. Phonenumber under the trip.

Or call us at: 0047 92016887

HardangerfjordActive,Therese Bakke

Ullensvangvegen 583

5781 Lofthus

We are situaded at Lutro. 3km north of Lofthus. 7 km south of Kinsarvik. Gps position is 60 degrees 21minutes North. 6 degrees 39 minutes East. 

Supert! Melding mottatt.